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Uzinsider General Contractor SA

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Bucharest – 030164 – ROMÂNIA
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S.C. UZINSIDER GENERAL CONTRACTOR S.A delivers ”turn-key” installations and plants for diverse industrial fields.
    The main asset are people with vast experience, over 25 years, in heavy machinary, energetic, metallurgical and construcion materials industries.
    S.C. UZINSIDER GENERAL CONTRACTOR S.A performs a variety of activities related to: consulting for divers projects in the above fields; delivery, installation, start up of diverse installations and equipments for heavy machinery, energetic, metallurgical and construction materials industries; optimization of manufacturing processes.
    The company which has a very rapid evolution is directly involved in the execution of all equipments and installation delivered. Here are some examples of the installations delivered by S.C. UZINSIDER GENERAL CONTRACTOR S.A:

• Metallurgical industry:

- galvanization and metallic ribbons coverage lines for: COCKERILL MAINTENANCE & INGENIERIE – CMI METALLURGIE – Belgium;
- sheet metal flatting pressers and different metallurgical equipments for VAI CLECIM – France.

• Energetic industry:

- steam turbines for: GENERAL ELECTRIC – S.U.A., SIEMENS VOEST ALPINE – Austria.
- hydroelectric power plants upgrading.

   Presently the Company is licensed to produce and distribute electricity in two power plants located in Mures county: Stramtori – Firiza and Nod de Presiune – Ferneziu.

• Environmental protection:

- POC treatment installations for coal power plants for GENERAL ELECTRIC – S.U.A., BRADEN EUROPE – Holland;
- Treatment installation for POC with high sulfur content in ROMPLUMB S.A. Baia Mare – România;
- POC treatment installation for ROMPLUMB S.A. Baia Mare – România.

    The Company is ISO 9001:2000 certified by SRAC – Romanian Society for Quality Warranty – no. 623/1/25.1.2005 and IQNet – The International Certification Network no. RO-0623, fact that assures work of the highest quality.

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