The Group


Management, investments and development

    I am glad having the opportunity to present briefly the evolution of UZINSIDER GROUP and its organization.

    UZINSIDER S.A. started at the beginning of 1992, having the purpose to offer specialized consulting and trade services for building industrial objectives, mainly for the metallurgical industry. In the first 10 years our organization was the principal contributor of upgrading and modernization projects for large metallurgical plants in Galaţi, Călăraşi, Câmpia Turzii, Târgovişte and many others.

    Between 1997 – 2002 UZINSIDER S.A took over the following factories specialized in diverse heavy equipment, 24 IANUARIE S.A Ploieşti, COMELF S.A Bistriţa, PROMEX S.A Brăila and the Research and Design Institute for Metallurgical Industry presently UZINSIDER ENGINEERING S.A Galaţi.

    Also during this time UZINSIDER GENERAL CONTRACTOR S.A Bucharest was formed with the purpose to manage complex projects, as a general contractor for diverse industrial objectives in România and abroad for our internal or external partners.
    In order to separate and streamline trade and commercial activities we constituted UZINSIDER TECHNO S.A. Presently the initial UZINSIDER S.A. has the responsibility of managing the companies in the group and directing internal or external investment and development activities.
I hope that our website will provide detailed information regarding our activities, achievements and capabilities which we are proud of.

    We are looking forward to work with you as our customers using our vast expertise, experience and team approach to accomplish more competitive and profitable objectives. In this way your successes are our successes.

Constantin Savu

President - General Manager

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