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Promex SA

PROMEX S.A. Brăila
7 Industriei Str.
Brăila 810391, ROMĀNIA
Tel: 0040.239.626.000     
Fax: 0040.239.616.587


· Equipment for metallurgical industry, foundries, coke plants, rolling-mills for metal sheets and pipes;
· Equipment for building material industry: cement factories, brickworks, stone pits;
· Earth moving equipment: tire and crawler hydraulic excavators, loaders, compacting road rollers, hydraulic draglines, grab cranes, hydraulic hammers, a.s.o.;
· Equipment for environmental protection: installations for environment protection, dredging, excavating and aquatic decontamination;
· Equipment for naval industry (winches, capstans, on-deck equipment, steering machines, rudders, a.s.o.);
· Equipment for scrap iron recycling: scrap packet presses;
· Wheel sets and bogies for railway and metallurgical wagons;
· Hydraulic components (hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, manifolds, a.s.o.);
· Castings and forgings.


    Equipment for Metallurgical Industry 
· steel plants equipment;
· coke plants equipment;
· equipment for steel bars calibrating and drawing - round, square and hexagonal shape bars;
· equipment for hot-rolling mills, rim shape;
· plate rolling mills equipment;
· cold rolling equipment, carbon steel narrow strips;
· small rolling mills equipment for steel strips;
· pipes rolling, cutting and testing equipment;
· cutting equipment for cylindrical semi-products Ø 80 – 220 and square semi-products 80 – 220 mm;
· equipment for mixed cutting of rolled steel strips;
· equipment for plates electroplating pilot systems;
· equipment for plates stacking;
· equipment for the steel strip welding line of the hot and cold rolling mills;
· equipment for coated electrodes production lines;
· equipment for heavy profiles and rails rolling mills;
· equipment for multipurpose rolling mill for middle sized steel profiles;
· agglomerating lines (conventional process and pelleting);
· equipment for alumina production;
· equipment for aluminum processing (including rolling);
· equipment for copper-brass foundries; equipment for cast iron foundry.

    Equipments for building materials industry
· loading and transport equipment;
· breakers;
· crushers;
· drying and grinding equipment;
· pressing and press driving equipment;
· stone cutting and processing equipment;
· dolomite, silica and magnesite bricks production equipment;
· bulk materials charging and discharging equipment;
· cement industry equipment.

    Earth moving equipment
· hydraulic tire excavators with one bucket - bucket capacity 0.33 – 0.8 mc;
· hydraulic crawler excavators with one bucket - bucket capacity 0.33 – 3.3 mc;
· DHM 1800 hydraulic dragline - bucket capacity 0.8 – 1.6 mc;
· RCV 32 compacting road rollers with a 3600 Kg operating weight;
· CVM 10 with a 10,000 Kg operating weight;
· front loaders;
· optional equipment for hydraulic excavators:

   - digging buckets;
   - drain buckets;
   - channels profiling and cleaning buckets;
   - digging and loading grab buckets;
   - grab buckets for pits;
   - beet or potato grab buckets;
   - scarifying tooth;
   - hydraulic hammer

    Environmental Protection Equipment
· environmental protection installations, dredging, excavating and water decontamination ”PELICAN B580” type.

    Naval Industry equipment
· loading and unloading equipment;
· equipment for horizontal, longitudinal ships transfer, pushing and retaining on the slipway;
· anchor and mooring winches for ships over 150,000 tdw;
· towing and fishing winches;
· equipment for naval hydraulic systems
   - steering gears 5 tfm, 16 tfm, 40 tfm, 80 tfm, 125 tfm, 220 tfm, 320 tfm;
   - engine units 5 l/rot, 11 l/rot, 14 l/rot, 23 l/rot;
   - pump units with axial pistons 100 l/min;
   - gear pump units 150 l/min, 420 l/min, 630 l/min;
   - components for valves drive hydraulic systems and bilge ballast systems for 15,000 tdw, 35,000 tdw, 65,000 tdw, 85,000 tdw, 150,000 tdw ships;
   - hatch covers hydraulic driving systems

    Scrap Iron Recycling Equipment
· scrap packet press;
· grab crane-grab bucket capacity 0,6 m³.

Approvals and Certifications:

· Germanischer Lloyd ISO 9001:2000 certificate;
· TUV certificate for steel structures for rail vehicles, according to DIN 6700.
· SVL Munchen, according to DIN 1800 and DIN 15018 cl. E for tungsten inert-gas arc welding (WIG) submerged arc welding (UP);
· gas-shielded arc welding (MAG) and arc welding with coated electrodes (SEM).

Main customers:

Austria (VOEST-ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH, Austrian Energy & Environment), Belgium (COCKERILL MECHANICAL INDUSTRIES, J.K. SERVICE), Canada (SMS DEMAG), France (VAI-CLECIM, CATERPILLAR), Germany (SMS DEMAG GmbH, SIEMAG TRANSPLAN GmbH, VAI – FUCHS, IS STEINFÜHRER, QUEINS, EUMUCO, IHS SENNEBOGEN), Great Britain (DAVY INTERNATIONAL, THERMATOOL EUROPE Ltd., VOEST ALPINE INDUSTRIES, CCL), Greece (ALUTEC, NEPTUN HELLAS), Holland (IHC, DMT BV, PWT), India (Metallurgical Factory DURGAPUR, Metallurgical Factory KUDREMUKH, Metallurgical Factory JINDAL, Metallurgical Factory ROURKELA), Italy (SMS DEMAG, DANIELI), Luxemburg (PAUL WURTH), Norway (AKER BRATTVAAG), România (MITTAL STEEL – Roman, MITTAL STEEL – Galaţi, TENARIS SILCOTUB S.A. – Zalau, MECHEL S.A. – Targoviste, Nuclear Electrical Power Station CERNAVODA I and II), U.S.A. (THERMATOOL CORPORATION, IPSCO, SMS DEMAG).

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